Driveway Repair in Seneca

Concrete driveway repair and asphalt repair are what Gary T. Wood Contracting Company Inc. excels at. We serve local residents and businesses with dedication and a solid reputation that accompanies it.  Whatever the issue is with your driveway, know that it is temporary. Our paving contractors will spare you from headaches, backaches, trips to the store, wasted time and resources. 

Also, without properly examining beneath the surface of your driveway you are merely placing a band-aid on a problem that will tear up your handiwork in a short matter of time. Leave cement and asphalt repair to the pros.

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Gary T. Wood Contracting Company Inc.’s Expert Driveway Crack Repairs

It is frustrating and disappointing to look at the driveway you paid a lot of money for and see cracks.  After all, asphalt and cement driveways are famous for their long lifespan! It’s a misconception that maintenance won’t be required.  Cracks start small, but in a blink of the eye, they can increase in both length and width. They can lead to ‘alligatoring’ in asphalt, where the pavement bumps up alongside the crack. 

The sooner you call us for driveway crack repair, the more cost-effective your repairs will be.  We will investigate your driveway until we source what caused your asphalt or concrete to weaken and break.  We will repair that first, then fill cracks leaving them undetectable with our excellent materials and machinery.

Our trade driveway crack fillers aren’t what you pick up at the local hardware store.  Professional repairs are proven to last longer, perform better, and look seamless.

Driveway Repair Services

If your driveway is exhibiting dings and little divots—beware.  These will develop into potholes if left to deteriorate.  No matter how far gone your driveway is, we are armed to smooth it out.  Again, we won’t merely give it a pretty face.  We will dig out and around the holes to give those spots the drainage and support that was lacking.  We will clean it out to make sure no unwanted debris or water is in there.

The requisite machinery involved, including infrared heating equipment, is in our arsenal and ready to roll. Our crew will use exacting expertise to repair and eradicate the potholes, leaving you with nothing but a smooth, solid driveway.

Reliable and High-Quality Driveway Repair

In the asphalt and concrete repair business, many companies will show up out of nowhere and do the least amount possible for the highest price, then disappear.  That is not what we do. 

We are always here for our customers, and we calculate a fair and competitive rate for work we promise to be excellent.  Our materials are industrial grade, our machinery is cared for meticulously, and the products that we use are all top-of-the-line.  Our service is unparalleled, as is our dedication. 

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